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Learn how the chiropractic billing process works

Our Chiropractic Billing Process

We understand the challenges involved in running a successful chiropractic practice. We always strive to keep things as simple and efficient as possible for your office.

Simple and Efficient Communication

The exchange of information between our offices is done by way of e-mail, regular mail or by our toll-free fax and phone, and any questions you might have will always be promptly answered.

File Insurance Claims

We file as many claims as possible electronically for fastest payment to you.  For those claims that have to go paper, we file by First Class mail.

Aggressive Follow-Up

After we submit your claims, we aggressively follow-up and solve any problems encountered, while liaising with your office and keeping you informed.

Receive Your Payment

Your office receives the insurance payments directly, then faxes copies to us, or scans and e-mails them to us. We post the payments, then call on any problems and get them resolved.

Chiropractic Billing Checklist, Chiropractic Billing Made Easy

Types of Insurance We Handle

 MMC Management Associates can expertly handle all types of insurance that you accept:  Major Medical Health Insurance; Workers' Compensation; Medicare; Medicaid and Personal Injury.

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