As a medical billing service exclusively serving the chiropractic community, and as advocates of chiropractic, I have always believed and conveyed to my team that our client’s success is our success, and here is what some of our clients have to say!

Melany MacGregor
Owner and General Manager
MMC Management Associates, Inc.

"I highly recommend MMC Billing Services for your medical billing needs. Melany is very available when questions need to be answered quickly. Regular e-mails are sent from them with issues that need attention from my office. Follow-through is consistent and dependable. Receivables flow. In short, you trust they are paying close attention to your accounts! 

I used to feel that billing was a gigantic hassle.

Now that I am with MMC I relax and feel like I can put my attention where it should be on patient care and running my practice!"
N.G., DC, Maryland

"I have used MMC Billing Service for 7 years and could not be happier!  Melany and her crew handle all of the "little things" that would otherwise drive me nuts about insurance billing.  Without MMC I would not have been able to grow from a start up to over 2300 patients in just 7 short years!  Thanks Mel!"
T.L., DC, St. Louis, Missouri

"MMC Management Billing Services has been handling my billing for 9 years. I will continue putting my insurance claims and collections in their care for as long as I keep practicing. 

I have full confidence that they will get the end result of a properly processed paid claim no matter what it takes. 

Also, they always inform me right away if there is an error on my end that would prevent the claim from being paid, such as an inappropriate diagnosis or a coding error. Whenever my colleagues ask about how I have my billing set up, I always brag about the great experience I have had with MMC Management. When they are ready to make the switch or outsource their billing, they always call me to ask for an introduction."
Dr. R.S., DC, Maryland

"MMC Billing has been great.  Thay have taken away all my billing worries.  They handle the phone calls with insurance that used to tie up my day.  They are competent and reliable.  Thanks MMC"
Dr. K.B., DC, Metamora, Illinois

"I highly recommend MMC Management Billing Services. I have used them for years and they truly ‘take a load off your shoulders` when dealing with the insurance companies. Melany and Tony go out of their way to answer our questions and they always get to the bottom of claims that need to be followed up with. I consider MMC Billing Services as part of our team and I appreciate that they are a phone call away! 

If you are looking for an honest billing company that cares about YOU getting paid AND patients getting correctly reimbursed then definitely hire Melany’s team at MMC Billing."
Dr. A.S., DC, Dallas, Texas

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"I was recommended to MMC Billing Services from another chiropractor years ago. My office had been using another billing company for several months when I finally realized we were on demo mode. (meaning the claims were not going out) That company didn’t know how long it would take to correct the problem.

I called Mel from MMC Billing on a Friday and set everything up with her. Because she worked all weekend, we were back on track within a few days. She helped us save thousands due to timely filing issues. Mel and Tony have continued that kind of commitment to our office since day one.

They are professional, courteous, and always prompt with everything we ask of them. I always recommend MMC Billing Services to all my chiropractic friends and associates."
Dr. J.S., St. Louis, Missouri

"I am writing to address my satisfaction with the service provided by MMC Billing Service.  I have used their service for more than 6 years at 2 different offices.  Mel, Tony and their team provide excellent service; including great communication, claim follow ups, electronic billing, medicare updates and best of all it's very reasonably priced.  I would recommend them for any chiropractic practice. "
Dr. R.S., DC, California

"My name is Dr. R.Z.  I am a chiropractor in Union, NJ and approximately 11 years ago I was going through a staff member stealing from me who was also in charge of my insurance department.  After all the chaos that was created it was through the recommendation of a colleague that I was introduced to MMC Management Billing Services.

I can not say enough how grateful I am that they have been a part of my practice life.

Melany not only helped clean up the mess but also was able to help me from losing thousands of dollars that would of been unable to be collected due to timely filing.  She worked Monday through Sunday until it was resolved and since then I have never looked back.

Melany and her colleague Tony and their team have been instrumental in the success of my practice and I genuinely can say that they are the best in the business."
Dr. R.Z., Union, New J​ersey

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